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RPL practical exam for drone license: part 2/3

As mentioned in previous post, in South Africa you still require to take (and pass) RPL practical exam, regardless of the size of the drone and where you will be flying. This is unlike EU, part 101 exams for A1 and A3 certifications are online only (no practical) and USA for part 107 certification where for A1/A3 there is no practial exam.

As a short reminder – the practical exam in South Africa consists of the following:

  1. Interview with examiner (to check what you learned and what you understood).
  2. Practical flying test – done in non GPS mode.

Today’s video is a reminder on yawing and focuses on cirquits and circles, where the yawing has to be smooth. Again, this is done in non-GPS mode. Take your time. Practice multiple times until you are confident. If you get frustrated with one maneuver, move to the next one and come back later. I find the cirquits and circles easier than the boxes, so if you managed the boxes, you will manage the cirquits.


If you missed part 1, please check it here

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