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Drones and 360 cameras

Immersive 360 video from the sky

With the advancement of both, drones and 360 cameras to consumer market and both being available at the fraction of the cost of professional technology, it becomes obvious that creation of fully immersive videos is a mater of rather short time. And drones and 360 cameras go together INCREDIBLY well!

It’s been a while since we played around with the Insta360 Evo attached to Mavic Air 2, but somehow this video got drowned between the other stuff. So here it is! As we have been “playing” don’t expect top end content – this is just a small demonstration of what can be done with two super cool devices and a small mounting attachment! There will definitely be more 360 videos coming soon!

Few things to keep in mind when flying with 360 camera:

  • keep your flight relatively smooth – changing directions too fast will give viewers nausea (especially if they view your flight with VR set
  • keep it low – views and perspective are much better when you fly low rather than high
  • if your 360 camera has this function, use VR mode rather than 360 as huge portion of the 360 view is the sky and bottom of the drone
  • whatever you do MAKE SURE that camera is well attached to the drone as it may not survive the fall, if it comes loose
  • unless you are planning to do some really professional filming, less is more. Keep it light, especially if you are flying a small drone
  • bigger camera will affect stability of the drone in flight and may result in unexpected behaviour. Your drone will most likely detect payload and recognise it as “flying with propeller cage” – this is absolutely fine
  • Insta360 Go is one of the lightest 360 cameras on the market, if you are flying Mavic Mini or similar size drone, consider this little camera. Other good options are Insta360 One X/X2, Ricoh Theta V/Z1, Kandao Qoo Cam. Insta360 Evo (if you can still get it) is also good as it allows VR mode, as well as are GoPro Fusion and GoPro Max
  • learn how to hand launch and hand catch your drone if you are going to mount the camera at the bottom of the drone

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