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Drone regulations – mini rule book


For hobbyists, there are only very few rigid rules that need to be followed and rule number one has to do with safety. Drones vary in shapes, sizes and capabilities, and it’s a “no brainer” that different level of awareness has to be applied when flying a “sub 250 gram” mini drone like Mavic Mini 2 or a semi professional Inspire 2 or Pantom 4.

It is always up to the pilot to determine and mitigate any risk and it will always be the pilot who will be liable for any damage caused – the fact that someone’s child or a pet was not “supposed to be there” is completely beside the point. Even a small drone can cause injury or damage – so always BE SAFE!


This rule is as simple as the first one. No matter how and where you fly, always check the regulations. They are the for a reason (see the point about safety…). We strongly advise that you follow them too, but let it be your choice rather than lack of knowledge.

Full set of rules can be found on SACAA website in part 101 section. Very brief summary can also be found on our website here . If you are travelling, a very reliable source is UAV Coach with drone laws organised by country (and state for USA).


With the safety and knowing the rules, the third and last of our mini rule book comes naturally. It has to do with awareness and knowing the impact you with your drone make on the environment. There have been too many videos on YouTube showing people fly irresponsibly around wild animals or way too high, risking collision with a helicopter or light aircraft. Do not be one of them.

Respect the environment and respect others (especially their privacy). If you have doubts about flying, you probably should not fly.

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