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Drones and Pixels say “hello” :-)

We are live!

After couple of months of testing platforms, designs, adding and removing products from the shop, changing content and all those other activities that are involved in launching a new website, we finally gained enough courage to show Drones and Pixels website to the world!

In the shop section we will feature products that we believe are good and that we, as keen drone pilots and photographers, think that you might need.

The selection is still limited (especially of the products stocked in South Africa) but we are getting there.

Other than in our own web store, we sell limited range of products on Takealot (if you prefer security of larger platform). Here you will only find products currently in stock in South Africa.

In the blog section, we will feature most interesting products and news with our own commentary. This will include some YouTube videos, product recommendations and general advice. We are not YouTubers and we do not want to re-invent the wheel, so content will take you directly to most valuable YouTube videos related to drone and ROV industry.

In the news section we will include feeds from various drone related platforms just as they are. Links will take you to the originals source as we do not want to duplicate copyrighted content. The amount information available on those platforms is invaluable.

We also render drone services and while we are in process of application for our own ROC, we will partner with ROC holding company for any work that requires such compliance. This includes any chargeable work that involves flying drones by us in open space, but not if drones are flown indoors (inside the house or a warehouse or a storage tank).

For any other services involving but not limited to drone configurations, photography work and 360 photo and video tours, please contact us directly.

We are looking forward to flying with you!

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