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Insta360 Black Friday sale – awesome 360 camera gear

In the last few years Insta360 has truly conquered the consumer market of 360 photography. In those years they released some staple models ranging from entry level Insta360 Go and newer Go 2 through more advanced Insta360 One R and Insta360 One X2 (that are supported by professional platforms such as Matterport) to fully professional Insta360 Pro¬†and Titan cameras. I have two of their cameras (Evo and One R) – they get used very frequently and I’m a huge fan of Insta 360 brand.

Their 360 cameras are extremely versatile for taking photos and videos alike and they offer endless editing possibilities. You can capture footage as 360 and keep it as 360 to be published on platforms that support 360 format. Those include Google Street View, Kuula, Veer or even Facebook.

Alternatively – you can process them into extremely creative “flat” versions that can be published on Instagram or TikTok feed. Whatever your choice is – have a look at incredible Black Friday offers of Insta360 cameras! They even have an Invisible Drone with 360 camera – check it out!

DON’T MISS IT! – click here for those awesome deals! Please, note that you will be buying directly from Insta360, not from our website.

See below examples of 360 images. The first one is the actual 360. The gallery beneath has the “flat’ versions of the various 360 photos I took with my cameras.