External Device Battery Power Out Adapter for FIMI X8SE/X8SE 2020


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STARTRC Power Supply External Device Battery Power Out Extended Connector Adapter for FIMI X8SE/X8SE 2020


Brand Name: STARTRC

Product Model: ST-1108247

Product Weight: About 5.2g

Package Weight: About 21g

Product Size: Approx. 74x24mm

Package Size: Approx. 88x60x21mm

Applicable Model: for Xiaomi FIMI X8SE/X8SE 2020


– Made of soft FPC material, not easy to break, recyclable and durable

– Mini and lightweight, convenient to storage and carry

–  Easy to assemble and disassemble

– Can be connected to an external battery to increase the flight time of the drone (the increased time is determined by the battery capacity and weight)

–  Also can be used as a power supply for external electronic equipment

– With XT60 plug, can connect a battery or an electronic device

–  Nice accessories to increase flight time for your drone


1. Before use, you need to test whether the power supply connector is working properly.

2. Pay attention to the positive and negative when installing the external power supply.

3. When using an external battery, you must use a 3s battery pack and the voltage is similar to that of the airplane to avoid large voltage differences. 

4. Try to avoid running out of power when flying, so as not to damage the battery

5. Pay attention to adding resistors for DIY electronic equipment (the delayer uses the voltage of the aircraft, 11.1V-12.6V need to change the resistance of the resistor according to your needs, for example, light up the LED light and add a 10K resistor. )


1. The external battery must be 3S, with a capacity of 1350mAh to 1400mAh. The larger the capacity, the greater the weight, and it will affect the flight time.

2.Battery not included .


1x External Power Supply Unit

2x 3M Double-sided Tapes

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