Landing Gear Leg Height Extender Kit for DJI Mavic Pro


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Perfect fit for DJI Mavic PRO
Secure snap-on design
Widens stance to prevent tipping over during takeoff/landings
Increases camera height 1 inch keeping it away from dust, dirt and sand

The bracket is an external octagon structure, and the buckle can be closely matched with the original pad after installation, so that it is more stable and reliable, and the raised 3cm can better protect the pad from scratches. 

(note that the raised leg bracket can be divided into left and right sides, whichever is the forward direction of the uav. The leg bracket marked “L” (left) is installed on the front left foot shelf. For the same reason, the “R” (right) is installed on the right front rack;)

Material: ABS

Weight: 18g

Color: Gray,Black,Gold

Package Include:
2* heighten legs
4* soft pad
1* holder mount

Additional information

Weight 100 kg



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