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Insta360 ONE X2 VR Camera 5.7K HD Panoramic Dual Lens H.265 Encoding 4-MIC Audio IPX8 Waterproof FlowState Stabilization for FPV RC Racing Drone

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10 reviews for Insta360 ONE X2 360 camera

  1. Stan FPV

    This small little 360 cam does everything it’s supposed to do and does it very well! I especially like the unique round screen and how easy it makes it to view 360 video back and also look around in REAL TIME RECORDING 😍The resolution is top notch even for 360 cams bigger than the X2. It really shines for handheld shots and sticking onto just about anything for a crazy cool perspective no matter what you’re doing.The image stabilization is rock solid from what I’ve tested and has gotten even better with firmware updates.It is small and thin enough to easily fit in your pocket and is very ergonomic in use.I highly recommend this cam for hobbyists and social media. Even great to attach or hang from a drone!If you want to see examples check out 🤘🏼

  2. Jeanette Abigando

    I absolutely love this camera. I’m used to a DSLR that does not take video so this is quite an upgrade for me and this camera is amazing. The touch screen can be a little touchy but it doesn’t bother me. As well as I’m new to editing video so there’s a pretty steep learning curve but Insta360 has great resources to tech you how to do it. All in all, it’s pretty easy to use and I love the angles you can get with this camera and the invisible selfie stick. I put a rubber case on it but it obstructed part of the camera so I took it off. Sorry if I’m rambling but I would definitely recommend this camera to everyone I know

  3. Angelos

    I am excited to have this new 360 camera! It gives you high quality videos, super slow motion, amazing HDR photos. I love the quick capture button, since i am mostly filming parkour and action videos. Its so practical to press a button and start recording within seconds. I already own the ONE R dual lens which is also as amazing as the X2. I believe X2 gives u the same quality but better colors. I love the fact that is portable, fits in my pocket and i can literally have it on me whenever I go out and shoot anything i need. The app gets more and more updates very often and gives u always new tricks and themes to create, which are great for social media stories and or posts.Selfie sticks of course disappears, and u can reframe in the editing, which makes it easy to go and and film yourself. It also has many accessories to choose from, like the long stick, or the bullet cord which boosts your creativity to the max.Lastly I am glad to be part of the insta360 community using their app, sharing my videos, winning contests and getting so many rewards to use in the insta360 store.I recommend this camera to anyone experienced or not! so easy to use!

  4. Beth Feger

    I’ve been having a blast with this camera! I’ve been taking a lot of pictures with it. It has a lot of good features and was easy-to-use right out of the box. I had previously bought a gear 360 ended up returning it due to samsung completely dropping all support for it. But the insta360 one x2 has been amazing from day 1. The insta 360 app is great as well, with the ability to easily create cool effects in the app! Plus there’s a awesome community of users and creators behind the app and cameras! Only complaints I have are minor knit picks like it would be nice the have some more options for editing photos in the app so a third party app like snapseed or theta+ wouldn’t be needed. Also sometimes the app has trouble loading content like users uploads. But overall if you are looking for a good 360 camera at a good price then I’d say this is the way to go! Ps for full disclosure insta360 is offering a free accessory for my review but to be honest even with out the offer I’d still give this camera the same review!! The offer only motivated my lazy butt to do the review 🤣😂

  5. Jacob Dykstra

    I bought this camera thinking I could use it for google street view. The insta360 website indicates the camera is street view ready however, I was extremely disappointed to realize this camera and it’s app is not compatible with google street view. I can upload individual pictures but not video to create blue lines on street view. Also I thought I would be able to use the photo interval feature to upload many photos to street view but unfortunately all photos are tagged with the same gps data as the first picture taken. So if you use the interval function to take 1000 pictures they will all have the same gps data as the first photo. This issue was brought up on the insta360 forums many months ago and insta360 has still not resolved this simple software fix. This camera is not practical at all for virtual tours or Google street view. I am extremely disappointed and really wanted this camera to work. The hardware and image quality itself is rather good, especially for the price. Nonetheless it is not practical for google street view.

  6. Christopher

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     This is my second of these cameras, the first had a slight issue with seems not connecting properly. This one seems to work great. Did my first test today (in the freezing cold), and the stitching worked as expected. I haven’t put my lens guards on this one yet so hopefully that goes well. It is so great being able to just place the camera and not worry about framing until later during editing. I included a couple quick clips just messing around. I can tell this camera is going to be a lot of fun.

  7. Thom Dodd

    I gave this a meaningless 3 star rating. For me, it is a 1 star; for you, it could be a 5 star. I’m over 60 and have advanced skills in cameras, photo software, PC’s, smart phones, drones, and so forth. I bought this camera because I thought it would be fun. It’s not my first 360 camera which means that I had reasonable expectations.The camera quality is 5 star; the video and photos is 4 star; the processing software – Android, Apple, or PC – is 1 star. And it is the processing software that creates the product that you want to share.I don’t have enough time in my life to deal with editing on a small screen of a smart phone, or using the very limited software on a PC. On the other hand, you might have the time and talent to do just that. To be honest, I am very impressed by the work that was done to design and build this camera. The software is almost an afterthought. You can process in Adobe Premier if you’re willing to pay $21 per month for the subscription but I use other software and don’t want to have to pay for Premier just for this camera.So it depends on you. If you have a Premier subscription, this might just be what you’re looking for. All the descriptions of the camera are pretty accurate. However, the results that they show are done by professionals and probably using professional software like Premier.Finally, I’d look awful hard at the Insta360 One R action camera with interchangeable lenses. It’s more money but seems to offer more options. Have fun!

  8. Tien Le

    I’ve used all types of 360 cameras and the ONEX2 is definitely becoming my favorite. What makes this different from the ONEX is that the ONEX2 is water proof, has a grippy casing, and is able to use the AI features. Compared to the ONE R, it has a more simplistic design which I prefer for a 360 camera. Also the 360 stitching is better because of the design, it won’t move or budge compared to the ONE R when using their selfie stick. The quality is awesome, when I compare to other brands nothing stands out from one another but that’s where the pricing and additional features come into play for this camera. It’s just too convenient. Quality can also drop depending where you post, social apps tend to lower quality a little, just a heads up if you see some videos and question the quality.I saw a review about this not being waterproof which is totally false. They must’ve not close the coverings correctly or dived too deep. The box even comes with an instructions manual regarding the waterproofing.AI features, these are fun things to try out, makes making content easy and gives you some creative direction!The Battery life is way better than it’s older model. However I suggest taking shorter videos to not drain your battery all at once. This is what I do so I’ve never actually considered if the battery life was good or bad because it always was good. Also taking long videos can be a pain to edit.The app is easy to use and you can make cool edits with it ALL FROM YOUR PHONE. Shameless plug but see some of my videos on IG @t4tien. Every 360 video I’ve edited has used their app on my phone!Last, if you’re getting this camera you need to get the invisible selfie stick. It automatically stitches out, I assume you know that since you’re looking at 360 cameras but it’s a must have. ENJOY!!

  9. Chris Q

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     Great camera, magic invisible selfie stick footage. My skiing shot, everything looks amazing. If you need a cool 360 camera, I would recommend it. More fun than GoPro.

  10. Luis R.

    camera works Great, but the lenses are easy to scratch, so buy the lens covers and they also have clear lens protectors that You might want to consider, they cost $20, I ordered a selfie stick at the same time but it took a week later to arrive and I used a cheap selfie stick that broke and scratched my lens on my second try, luckily I bought a glass polishing kit that polished the scratch out enough that it’s hardly noticeable, youtube helped a lot, I Love this Camera, You will too, just keep the lenses covered all times until You are ready to shoot Good Luck.

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