Adeept 4WS Three-in-one Kit 360° Servo Control Raspberry version


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  • Rich functions. Visual patrol and automatic obstacle avoidance. Start with uniform acceleration, color recognition, moving object detection, Web remote control, OLED display, lighting indicator and other functions.
  • Aluminum alloy structure. strong and sturdy.
  • Web remote control: as long as you can install the Chrome browser to control the robot.
  • Open API: Provides basic action control functions to facilitate the secondary development of users.
  • Support multiple versions of Raspberry Pi: Support Raspberry Pi 3B, Raspberry Pi 3B+ and Raspberry Pi 4
  • Hardware platform: Raspberry Pi; Main control board: Robot HAT; Programming environment: Linux/Python3.
  • Size: 15*9*13CM
  • Weight: about 1KG

Package Included:

one set 4WS Smart Classic Car Robot Three-in-one Kit


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